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How to download free fire mod 1.57.0? - [Unlimited diamond/Aimbot/No-Recoil] - MOD Menu free fire


 How to download free fire mod 1.57.0? - [Unlimited diamond/Aimbot/No-Recoil] - MOD Menu free fire

What is a free fire mod?

Free fire is an online multiplayer game developed by 111 dot Studio & published by Garena. free fire mod is a modified and tweaked version of free fire that you can download the latest version from this article. But, How to download free fire mod? or Como baixar free fire mod? we will see this later in this article.

Garena Free fire offers game modes like Battle royale, TDM & more. Battle royale is role play war game type where we have to survive until death or win! Mainly this game type has 3 modes: one-man squad, two-man squad, and four-man squad.

It is a 10-minute epic survival game where 50 players are deployed from the plane to survive till the end. Here we as a player has to kill other players and destroy their squads and teams to win the game, Booyah!

It also has TDM Mode where we as a team of 1, 2, or 4 have to kill more and more opponents to gain more points. It features as same as PUBG Mobile has TDM Gameplay.

But, the MOD Menu of free fire provides you with a bunch of functionalities and mod features. The free fire mod version is just a tweaked version of normal Garena free fire with MOD Menu added in it.

Garena Free fire supports most almost all famous languages worldwide. It is originated from Korean countries and now spread to all over the world including India, Brazil, the US, UK, and many more. It supports High audio and video quality with high frame rates(60 FPS) up to Full HD.

Free fire mod Features:

1. Unlimited diamond/coin

: Free fire mod provides features like withdraw 999999 or unlimited diamond and coin to your free fire player account. I think it's the best feature you can get in the free fire mod version. For that diamond or coin, you don't need to pay any amount of money.

We know that diamonds are one of the kinds of currency in Garena free fire. So, they are used for in-game purchases. By using diamonds, you can buy suits, gun skins, a new character, emotes, and pets. You can purchase coins or money by using diamonds also!

2. Aimbot / auto-aim assist /auto headshot

: If you are not good at firing skills in free fire or if you want to become professional at firing skills, then this mod feature is for you! This feature allows us to improve the aim assist of a gun while firing on the enemy. It just shifts and adjusts your aim towards the enemy.

It also has auto-aim which is needed to be enabled to lock scope aim on your target. You just have to give the direction to the aim towards the enemy and after that, auto-aim aimbot will take care of the rest of the things.

An auto headshot is also a needed feature with aimbot and auto-aim assist. It heads to kill an enemy with a headshot. You just have to adjust your aim to the enemy's body and the Auto headshot script will pass the bullet through your opponent's head. So, Take your favorite sniper rifle and give a smooth headshot!

3. No-recoil

: This feature will make your aim stable and you will kill opponents without wasting many bullets. It reduces horizontal and vertical recoil and increases the stability of the weapon. It nullifies the recoil and your gun will move only when you will move it.

It is also one of the great features of the free fire mod version. By using No-recoil with aimbot, you can become a pro player in Garena free fire.

4. Unlimited Health

: Unlimited health is also one of the great features of free fire. It will not let your health down to zero! Its features recover your health when it decreases. It will cure you each time when you'll get hurt by a bullet or any other weapon.

This feature will make you feel like you are GOD of free fire. We will suggest you not overuse this feature because it can ban ou free fire player ID.

5. Unlocked character and skins

: In the normal free fire version, it is hard to unlock different characters, skins, and finishes. Modded version of free fire included unlocked free fire characters and weapon skins & finishes!

6. MOD Menu free fire

MOD Menu is included with this free fire version. It is a complete package of modded features you can get for free fire. This MOD Menu of free fire consists of previously discussed features like aimbot, no recoil, etc.

MOD Menu free fire has some great features like ghost mode, night mode, speed run, & vehicle, No obstacle, etc. Be aware that overuse of these features can Permanent BAN your ID!

7. See, walk and shoot through Walls

: See feature will help to see through houses or any obstacle. We can also walk through the walls of houses. But, the most required feature is we can shoot through the wall. This makes everything easier than other versions!

8. Speed run, reload, fire and vehicle

: This is a MOD Menu exclusive feature, so if you want to use this feature. You have to download a specific version. This feature increases your speed up to 4 times. It works on all vehicles and on your character itself.

It also features fast reload and a high firing rate during battle. You can use this mod feature to run faster or drive faster so the enemy will not able to catch or shoot you!

9. ESP

: ESP is the most popular, powerful, and most requested feature by game players and streamers. It is the main MOD feature in this Mod menu of free fire. It can do anything you wanted to do in-game during your gameplay! So, grab your ESP and start defeating your opponents easily!

How to download & use free fire mod?

The Garena free fire mod menu is one of the cool modded versions of free fire where you can do so many things. but, the question that arises here is how to download free fire mod and how to use it for mod features.

1. To download and use mod features free fire mod features, Just go to the download section and follow the given steps carefully to download and install free fire mod.

2. After downloading, just open it. NOTE: Don't download patch update after you open Free fire.

3. It will have different mod menus like Aimbot, auto headshot, ESP, etc. Open that and you will see MOD Menu features as shown below pictures.

MOD Menu free fire | How to download free fire mod |

4. It also has an ESP option where you can use ESP mod features to improve your gaming performance.

MOD Menu free fire | how to download free fire mod | ESP

Free fire system requirements:

Android device - Mobiles, tablets, android/chrome laptop, or TV.

Android version - 5.0+ (Lolipop)

RAM - 1 GB or more than that

GPU - High GPU as possible for better graphics

Storage - 2 GB in internal or external memory

Root Access - No, Root access is not required.

Internet connection - Internet connection is required(Wifi or Mobile data)

File information:

File NameGarena Free fire mod
size56 MB + 600 MB
FeaturesAimbot, fire through wall, No-recoil,
unlimited diamond/coins, New characters
Updated on30 Jan 2020

How to download free fire mod:

1. Download Apk and OBB from the below link.
2. Open ⚙️Setting. Allow install from unknown sources, the path is settings > safety and privacy > Install apps from Unknown Sources.
3. Open File manager and install the Free fire MOD Apk. Paste .obb Data file to free fire location which is android/obb/com.dts.freefirexxxxxxx./.
4. Now, Enjoy your free fire mod App !!!

Download free fire mod versions

Note: Do not download the patch update(something around 5-6 MB) when you start a free fire! otherwise MOD will not work!

Download MOD Menu free fire Here

Conclusion on how to download free fire mod:

In my opinion, the Free fire mod version is a complete package that offers each and every mod feature that the normal version of free fire can't. It also included MOD Menu which offers some extra customizable features. It is free, secure, and virus-free, so don't hesitate to download it.

So, If you can't afford to purchase in-game diamonds and coins with other mod features. Then you can switch to here. It free and it doesn't charge you a single penny.

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.


Is it Safe to Download free fire mod?

: Yes. free fire mod is completely safe. It's simply a modified version of Garena free fire with a few tweaks and added features.

Is free fire mod free?

: Yes. free fire mod is completely free to play and to use its modified features.

How to install a free fire mod on Android TV?

: 1. Download or Move free fire mod apk into your Android Smart TV. 

  2. Open ⚙️Setting. Allow install from unknown sources, the path is settings > safety and privacy > Install apps from Unknown Sources.

  3. Install it from the file manager and enjoy it.

How to install a free fire mod on a PC?

1. Install Bluestacks and open it. Download free fire mod from above.

  2. Now go to ⚙️Setting. Allow install apps from unknown sources, the path is settings > Developer options > apps from Unknown Sources.

  3. Open file manager and Install it.

  4. Enjoy your game!

Free fire mod isn't working, What can I do?

: Sometimes, the free fire mod doesn't work as it has to. In such a case, Uninstall the game and re-download the latest version from our website. Then, try to reinstall it.

Can I get unlimited diamonds for free fire?

: Yes. You just have to download the Free fire mod that provides all features like auto-aim, aimbot, unlimited diamonds, walk-through-wall, see-through-wall, unlimited health, etc. 

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